Sunday, August 31, 2008

Breast Crawl

On this last day of National Breastfeeding Month I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this amazing video. It's called the "Breast Crawl." It's difficult to understand the narrator at times, but at about TWO minutes into the clip, you'll get to the start of the breast crawl and understand what's happening. It shows a newborn baby being placed on mommy's tummy immediately after delivery. Unaided, the baby crawls to the breast. The narrator explains how and why this can happen, how long it takes most newborn babies (on average) to get to the breast, and how this process helps both mommy and baby. I sure wish we had done this with my babies! However, I can't believe how many people are standing in the room with them. I could do without THAT!

If you're uncomfortable seeing a bare breast, then this video probably isn't for you (as if I need to say this, right?). Enjoy!

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