Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to BRAYLA JANE!!!!

Dear baby doll,

I just cannot believe my eyes. You are so grown-up and beautiful on the inside and out. Oh how I love your full red lips, your soft curls, your sweet high-pitched voice. Brayla, you are everything this mother could hope for in a daughter and more. You're strong, curious, creative, independent and brave. Your love is powerful and your forgiveness neverending. Joyous song flows so easily from you. I SO wish I could bottle your youth and energy.

What an amazing helper you've been to mommy as you've learned to do so many jobs around the house. And what an outstanding big sister you are to Brandon and Brighton as you often help keep them safe and content as mommy sometimes juggles more than she can handle each day. It's so nice to be able to depend on you--to trust you.

Some day you will understand how breathtaking (and yet heartbreaking) it is to see your own child's transformation happen so quickly. I am astounded to think just how quickly 5 years have come and gone. It seems only yesterday that you slept peacefully at my breast. But LOOK AT YOU--in all ways you are so lovely, my child.

You will always be my baby, sweet Brayla. Mommy loves you longer and longer...

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Mimi said...

Dear Sweet Granddaughter ~ you are so far away that I can't hug you today. So let's pretend you are sitting in Mimi's lap, reading a book, and I reach around you and squeeze tight and say "Uuuumph!" And you giggle and say, "Do it again, Mimi!"

You are growing up, my little child. God numbered the tiny hairs on your body while you grew inside your mommy, and He knows everything that will happen while you are 5 years old. You make God happy, because you are His child, too!

Have a beautiful day. I love you so much. I miss you. I hope you get my birthday card today (and Brandon's, too!) Send me another picture soon, okay?

Angels watch over you; God protect you. Mimi loves you.

LT said...

Hi Brayla,
This is Poppi. I Love you. You are such a nice big girl. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and have lottttts of fun. Give mommy and daddy (well at least momma) a big kiss for me.
Love you longer and longer...

Shay said...

Happy Birthday Brayla. You'll have the best day every, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Brayla!!! I love you so much, and I will call you very soon.

Love Uncle Scott

Linda Sandefur said...

"Baby Cold" says, "Happy Birthday, Brayla!" We all miss you and love you. It looks like you had a very fun birthday at one of Cole's and Luke's favorite places--Chuck E. Cheese's!!! I bet that was very special...for a very special girl. Thanks for being such a sweet big cousin. Have a great day!

Hugs and kisses,
Uncle Sean, Aunt Linda, Cole, Luke, and Baby in Belly

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brayla!

Love Thomas and Lucy

Anonymous said...

NO WAY! You can not be five... (wait, counting on fingers) one, two, three, four, five-- well yes you are! We just counted all the years you have been on this earth. Its amazing. Another amazing thing every five year old person must do is draw family pictures and use lots of circles. Be creative! God bless you and have many, many, many happy birthdays, we love you.

Fuzzy love tickles,
Lindy and Raymon

Anonymous said...

You are growing up, Brayla, and we are VERY proud of you.

LOVE and KISSES, from both NANA and PAPA, and we both love you very much!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Brayla, I cannot remember birthdays like I should, but I found out that today is yours and we just want to wish you one of the happiest days you have ever had! Of course, by the time you get this your big day will be almost over. And, please come down here to see us! Are you beginning kindergarten this year? Trace, our 5-year old grandson-great grandson, had his first day in kinder yesterday and must have had a good day. We hope you are OK and that you still love us because WE STILL LOVE YOU. When your Mommy was a little girl she would say to her Nana, "I love you longer and longer." Love to you, Brayla, Dana and Ronda.

Your Mimi said...

At the close of your 5-year birthday, I'm still thinking of you, sweet girl. I loved talking with you today on the telephone. I agree with Dana! We want you to come see us soon! :-)

Take care of Brandon and Brighton; help Mommy and Daddy; and angels around you because God is always near.

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