Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chadron State Park

Just uploading a new slide show of pictures from our state park outing this week. We ate watermelon, fresh pineapple (Mmmm...we covered the chunks in cayenne pepper thanks to Laureen's suggestion), and we also roasted some s'mores. The scenery was breathtaking, as always.

Unfortunately, I think my camera is now experiencing the beginning of its end. This is the 4th camera I've bought of this kind (all off Ebay) and they always seem to die of the same issues, regardless of the care they receive. Pictures begin to get blurry, then the front cover suddenly stops closing properly, then the lens stops fully extending, and downhill it all goes. So...if anyone has a good point n' shoot camera they're ready to donate to a needy family, you know where to find us. :) Or better yet, if you know of a truly indestructible camera for a relatively low price, PLEASE let me know in the comments below. You all know we use it often--probably every single day. I've been considering investing in a real camera. You know, something that you keep in a special case and call by name. Just don't know if our growing family is ready for such a treasure. Oh well...I'll look forward to your emails or comments on this one.

To see the pictures full-sized, you can go HERE.

2 ♥ thoughtful comments ♥:

Mimi/Mom said...

Wonderful pictures! We're in Galveston right now, but when we get home, will download big pix. Love you very much!!!

It's just me said...

Testing, does this work?

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