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"The Doctors" and Dr. Phil's
Home Birth Show...

It's been a while since I've posted anything on the natural birthing front, but I have come across another couple doctor/OB letters against ACOG's decision on home birth. It's becoming not so surprising to hear of more OBs, Labor & Delivery nurses, and general doctors choosing home birth for their own children. I'll have to post those letters later, but for today I'm going to post some information about the upcoming show on home birth vs. hospital birth. Just a couple weeks ago, I came across several posts from various birthing groups I'm a member of. Dr. Phil's show was advertising that they are doing a show on home births and that they needed both sides: people opposing home birth and people who loved home birth. Part of the advertisement said:

[Do you] ...feel that home birth is the most natural, beautiful way to bring a child into the world? Do you think that birth has become something that society treats as a medical condition rather than a natural part of life that a woman's body is built to handle? Do you feel that many people out there have wrong information about what a home birth is, and you'd like to share the truth about it?

The Doctors are working on a show where we will explore birthing options, and are looking for those that are passionate about their opinions and can offer good, solid information, and why they their method is the best possible choice. Please share your opinions with us, and you could be a guest on our show!

Do I need to even say that my various birthing communities went buzzing excitedly? Everyone began writing in, telling their stories, and sharing their willingness to appear on the show. Dr. Phil's bookers began contacting people as we all waited with bated breath...

Sadly, and not too surprisingly, we quickly discovered that they aren't at all interested in displaying a balanced view of the topic. Quite the opposite. "The Doctors" appear to only looking for a controversy--this show might be ugly for those fighting for a woman's right to birth where she pleases--using fear tactics or placing husband against wife, family against daughter, etc. Here's just one of the stories that has been circulated on three birthing discussion lists:

"Just to let everyone know... I got a phone call from the producer 2
days ago to see if I'd be willing to fly out to LA for the taping next
Thursday. We chatted, and it sounded really good, honestly so I
thought "SURE. I'll go!" She needed to interview my husband as well
and he called me from work a few minutes later saying he guessed he'd
blown it (for going) because she was disappointed that there was no
"conflict" between us regarding the planned homebirth and that was
what she was looking for. By asking HIM this question she was trying
to find a fracture in our plans to homebirth. Apparently (and failing
to mention this to me) she/they are looking for a homebirth couple who
is either conflicted between themselves (mom wants to, dad doesn't,
etc.) or are experiencing hard family pressure NOT to homebirth.

So it is just about sensationalizing homebirth and I'm afraid the
motive is to put homebirth in a negative "fringe" light. I was hoping
to go, hoping I could do some good, etc. but I don't know now.
Obviously their motive is for a "show" not the truth. Big surprise

Haven't heard back from the producer either so I suppose they've found
a couple who "fit" what they are trying to portray. Please forward
this to other lists so everyone will know what's up with this."

Another similar experience was recently shared by a midwife attempting to be on this same show. The midwife was turned down only after they discovered that she had attended 2,623 home births over the last 36 years. Yeah, I suppose she's probably a little too experienced. :rolling eyes: Another home birth mom was actually invited to the show with a booking agreement and was set to go. This mom had experienced two home births and she later got an email back from them saying they decided not to take her after all. Weird.

Sorry natural birth advocates--it doesn't look good. Hopefully the show will at least make it clear that ACOG is only a trade union designed to protect the interests of its members (hospital obstetricians). Women everywhere should be able to make an educated decision on where and how they choose to birth without a trade union's opinion interfering (especially when its own members are coming out in opposition to their statement).

And now for some pure's an oldie, but a goodie. If you haven't already seen this Monty Python sketch, enjoy your next three minutes by pressing the "play" sign below:

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