Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Here are three incredibly inspirational videos about moms who labored and delivered naturally despite what thousands of providers would have told them. I know, totally not what you expected, eh? But what better way to celebrate some great "labors" than to do it on Labor Day!?

The first video includes a number of moms carrying twins and triplets. Can you believe the shots of those who had TWO babies naturally on the same day EACH ONE weighing about 9 to 10lbs!? 18 to 20lbs is a lot of baby to birth in one day!

The second video includes many moms who had a VBAmC (vaginal birth after multiple cesareans) or HBAmC (home birth after multiple cesareans) which is what we experienced just this year. I LOVE the music on this one! Very inspirational--my eyes burn with tears every time I watch it (we downloaded it for my labor music when Brighton was born).

The third video includes a large number of moms who were diagnosed with Cephalopelvic Disproportion (CPD) which means they were told told their pelvis was too small to deliver a baby. So their first babies were taken by cesarean. Very often, woman who are c-sectioned for "Failure to Progress" (like me) are automatically told they must have CPD. Tooooo many have forgotten that when a laboring mother is left alone (to labor in peace and without fear), pelvises stretch and baby's heads mold. As you'll see, many of these deliveries were done in privacy at home.

I wouldn't just stick any video up here (there are dozens I'd share if I, or you, had time), so I hope you'll take time to watch each one (and turn your sound on--powerful words/music).


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