Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Another September 30th is already here. I've always loved my birthday--the start of the school year, my birthstone, the weather, the fact that it's just a week after my mom's birthday and I share the day with my brother-in-law Gary, it's not too close to Christmas, etc...

I know it's not January 1st, but it's my birthday so I can do what I want to and this year I'm making a new year resolution. My resolution is to get more sleep. *YAWN* I seriously think I'm aging faster than normal primarily because of lack of sleep/rest. And I'm just plain ole not much fun to be around lately. I have been staying up WAY past my bedtime doing grad school work lately, so this next year I hope to some how figure out how to fit in about 6 daily hours of school work to 2 hours of free time each day. If you have any ideas, email me!

That's really all I wanted to say this year. But I'd love it if you'd go give my mom's new blog some love. She wrote up a fabulous post about my birth today. Go HERE to visit her! And for those who didn't already know: Shaye is a contraction for Shannon Rae.

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bfsandefur said...

I sure hope that all of your friends WILL leave a note on my blog for you!

It was fun to write that up. I'm glad you said "new blog" -- because all of the experienced folks out there will see immediately that I have a problem with spacing and all that stuff. Maybe one day I'll figure it all out.

What I don't have a problem with is telling you how much that I love you. I've left you a couple of messages today, and I really hope that you are 'out there' doing something really, really special!

Your Loving Mama

Shay said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (for some reason I only seen your blog on Miller Manes, but I still have to head over to that other blog about your birth)

Happy (wink wink) 32! May your years get smaller and your life get bigger!

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