Friday, September 5, 2008


Alrighty. That's it. All you hair worshipping lunatics finally did it. You got me to try something fun with Brayla's long, thick hair. Even worse, she LOVED it. I mean, in the beginning (you know the 30 minutes of detangling) she wasn't so crazy about the pulls and pushes or the "turn your head this way" and "can you please stop moving while I snap a picture" requests ('cause Lord knows no one will ever believe I did this unless I document it in photos). But in the end, she was swishing her braids around, adoring herself in the mirror, and asking me if she could wear her hair this way forever. As you'll see below, she even got out her tiara to wear.

So here's how I did it... (warning: there are a TON of pictures in this post)

First, we got out our hair supplies and picked up a few new ones.
Hi Brandon! :waves:

Next, we detangled, dampened and parted the top section off for later.

Next, I frenchbraided the little side braids (to get the little side hairs over her ears) and then regular braided those down the back. Then I did one braid down the middle with different colored bands. And finally, I undid the top section of hair, made it into a pony tail and then braided that.

Then I just turned the top braid into a tight bun and fastened it with another band.

She loved it so much--she pranced around the house, flipping her braids around. Later she brought me her tiarra and said she should probably wear that with her hair.

So we put a yellow bow in it to match her yellow shirt.

And then she wanted to try a red bow. This is all so much fun!

So, I'm kinda hooked. As other mommy-daughter "hair" bloggers have shared, it gives them a good 15-20 minutes alone with their daughter each day. And I've discovered that a little pretty can go a long way. So Brayla and I set up a new blog that we're going to record our hair adventures on each week. Right now it's a private blog, but maybe one day we'll make it public for family and friends who want to see what we've been up to.

By the way, some of the hair blogs I've been following (especially for Brayla's type of hair) are: (ALERT: giveaway going on right now) (I'm still new to this one) (also pretty new to this one)

4 ♥ thoughtful comments ♥:

Brittany said...

Welcome to the Club!

Your Mimi said...

I love the pictures!! You look so cute, Brayla!!! Your mommy is so smart to fix your hair so cute! I'm so happy to see your pictures, sweety! I miss you so much. Here, I'm blowing you a big kiss! I love you!

Shay said...

Brayla you look so beautiful, but I have to thank your mommy! I have not done Braeley's hair (mainly because she doesn't want me to) and this just gave me a jump start, that or a kick in the butt! I am now going to do a few of these AWESOME and AMAZING hairstyles!! Thanks so much for getting me back into what I LOVED to do before...

The Mom said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out abuot my giveaway. Looks like you're joining the world of "hair obsessed mama's!" It's really fun huh? Especially when your DD loves it in the end. Cute stuff. Hey, and cool that you are one of my "followers" too! Thanks for checking in & commenting too. Hope you'll come back often.

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