Thursday, September 4, 2008

I have a HICKEY on my


My poor little teether will put anything in his mouth to alleviate the current discomfort in his gums. While we were cuddling before bed time last night he wrapped his mouth around my chin--we were bouncing around giggling like crazy. Playing with his sister and sucking on mommy's chin were the only thing two things keeping him from crying as he was OH SO TIRED (I was purposefully keeping him awake longer than usual). He had his mouth on my chin for maybe 2 minutes while I sang funny songs which bounced his little head all over. Oh the laughter... Anyway, I didn't think anything of it at the time, but in hindsight I suppose there was a little burning sensation at the very end.

Later that night when Lee and I got back up to do school work, Lee looked at me with confused eyebrows: "You either have a bruise or an ink smudge on your chin." I went to the bathroom and, sure enough, it's a hickey.

Boy he's a strong little sucker! Literally.

Here's a quick shot of Brayla holding Brighton just moments before bed.

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Shay said...

oh come on, where's the picture of you and your new bruise??? LOL! Thanks for making me laugh this morning, I soooo needed it!

Shaye said...

Haha! I figured everyone would prefer a picture of the sweetie and not my splotchy reddish-blue chin. I totally got a kick out of it, though.

Mimi said...

Put a book on my babies' heads!!! They're growing up way too fast!

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