Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tickled PINK!

Last weekend my friend, Laureen, gave birth to her 3rd child. This was her second home birth after a cesarean section--another blessed, natural, peaceful, empowering delivery. Aurora Miranda was 9 pounds, 5 oz and 21.5" long with a 15" head. She was carried about 44 weeks. That's no typo! 44. I just giggle thinking about it. I'll be sure to link to her full birth story once she has it available online. As a tantalizing teaser, I'll highlight a few early details here and respond with my thoughts.

First, Laureen's family lives aboard a boat. So home birthing was a unique experience this time. She shares:

" birth on a boat rocks. Literally. =) I was hanging out in the birth tub in our cockpit on Thursday night, watching the moon cross the sky, and as the sea would rock, the boat would rock, then the tub would rock a second later. Soooooooo cool."

That had to be incredible--simultaneously experiencing waves in the ocean and waves of labor! Nature at its finest! She also writes:

"She came out with the cord not only wrapped around her neck, but across her chest like bandoliers. I *felt* it tighten up with my last push, and she was not breathing upon delivery. What's awesome is that my midwife *gets it*. Plenty of skin rubbing, some O2, and lots of talking to her, and all was well."

Well done, dear midwife! I continue to hear about babies being some variation of "floppy" upon delivery and home birth midwives are usually so calm, so reassuring, and often keep baby right against mommy's skin as they work on them (the skin-to-skin effect is astounding). This was my experience, as well. It takes time and patience and a respect for birth in most cases. Kudos to your midwife for "getting it".

"I can't frankly imagine what a nightmare that sitch would have been in a hospital, and once again, I am desperately grateful that I was able to be home."

I'm so with you on this, my friend. I've watched a hospital turn my very normal labor into an emergency for no legitimate reason and have heard countless stories of others with the same experience. Everyone is in a panic for absolutely no reason. Emergencies are more often created by meddling with nature--hurrying things along--stressing out the momma. In hindsight, I have every reason to believe that the decels we experienced during Brighton's birth would have quickly become an emergency had I birthed in a hospital. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my opportunity to birth privately with a caregiver who wouldn't panic over relatively normal bumps in the road. They do sometimes happen.

Congratulations, sweet sister, for yet another peaceful birth. Your faith is so refreshing. Need I remind you that you were one of the strongest influences I encountered near the end of my pregnancy as I journeyed from TWO hospital births full of unnecessary interventions (ultimately cesareans) to a gentle home birth? You had been there, done that. You were empowered. From my then fear-filled perspective you were bossy, presumptuous, and downright obnoxious. More than once, you called my bluff forcing me to face my truth. I didn't like you one bit. That was yesterday. Today I have perspective. Today I am thankful for your determination. Today I recognize your strength of character and I deeply respect your powerful voice. You, and the few others who confronted me with a message of hope and courage during those confusing, vulnerable months will always be part of Brighton's birth journey. It was my journey to truth, to faith, and to triumph. Thank you!

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Laureen said...

I have no words. And you know that means something, coming from me. =)

Honored to be part of your journey; honored to have you be part of mine.

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