Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Daddy's Home!!!!

Every day at about 4:45pm my kids go wild. Why, you ask? Because "DADDY'S HOME!!!!" We can usually hear him coming up the basement door stairs and our children are suddenly flying to the kitchen to be the first to give hugs and kisses.

Today we happened to be outside playing when daddy arrived. Moments before daddy arrived, Brandon drove his Lil Tykes car up to me, hopped out, and announced, "Home!" while opening his arms wide for a joyous welcome. I hugged him deeply, enjoying this beautiful "pretend daddy" moment and at that very moment, "real" daddy arrived. The kids were just tickled.

Brayla had just freshly decorated her bicycle with baby doll clothing, gift ribbon, and barbie doll pants (don't ask). Brighton was sitting in his bouncy seat, just smiling and enjoying the beautiful spring day. And Brandon, besides pretending to be daddy, was greeting our new neighbor as she unloaded her car into her new house.

It may seem like just another day in the life of the Millers, but I will always enjoy this special time of the day and not just because I finally have a moment to visit the bathroom while I hand off three excited babies to their daddy. Nope, I love it for the fact that we do have a daddy that comes home every day to see his family. And he enjoys the snuggles and kisses and finds the energy to make sure all of his babies know how much he loves them. We are oh so blessed!

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nana said...

Lee is a wonderful father and husband with a wonderful family to love him and him to love. Great pictures.

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