Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Mornings

Oh my! Saturday mornings--aren't they the best!? I love Saturdays because there's no rush to get out of bed. We usually start our Saturdays off with a big ole wrestling match.

No seriously--a real, live, wrestling match. The center of our King-sized bed is a huge dogpile and I do good just to get Brighton out of harm's way.

On Saturdays, there's no need to jump up and shower or get all dressed up. We lay around and adore our beautiful babies whether they're happy...

or sad.

And we can simply lounge around a bit and enjoy family time in our PJs and beautiful bed-head.

After a while we'll head up to Daylight Donuts for a magnificent unhealthy breakfast and begin plotting out the daily plans.

Oh how I love our Saturdays!


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Ronna said...

What special memories to capture on camera. Reminds me of our childhood and all the tickles and wrestleing with dad/ hanging out in mom and dads bed. I hadn't thought of that in years :)

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