Monday, June 9, 2008

Swimming Lessons

When your kids start growing up and finding a variety of interests, you really want to encourage their growth and excitement in all that you can. However, we have to find ways to stretch the dollar if we're going to accomodate ALL of those interests. We've been letting the kids pick just one thing per year to be active in. Thanks to Nana and Pappaw, all last year the kids loved attending Musikgarten (AKA Kindermusik). At the time college faculty/staff received a 50% discount for their children. It was a wonderful experience and something that we were able to do WITH our children since parents are a part of each class. This year that 50% discount was dropped to only a 30% discount which was unfortunately just out of reach for our budget.

So this spring/summer, we pulled out the interests list and started looking at all of the other things the kids have mentioned an interest in: piano lessons (Brandon is especially taken with the free piano we just got), soccer, t-ball, karate, gymnastics, dance, camp (2-day camp) and swimming lessons. It's obviously WAY too much on our very modest budget, so we had to narrow it down by looking at costs involved. Low and behold we were THRILLED to find that swimming lessons for an entire week are just $20.00. Boy was Brayla excited about going swimming each day. DECISION MADE! This week is Brayla's week and next week will be Brandon's.

Here's a shot of Brayla just before her first lesson.

And here's a drawing Brayla did right after her first lesson. She's in the water with all the other kids and her teacher is outside of the swimming pool. :)

More pictures of lessons are coming soon...


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