Friday, August 21, 2009

Link Round Up: Late August 2009

My "bookmarked links" section is already overflowing and I need a place to store some of the interesting stuff I'm reading or contemplating. My friend, Nettacow, does these link round-ups every week and I just love digging through her findings. I don't expect blog world to revel in my findings, but I'll document them, nonetheless:

Photo Bridge 3000 photos scanned at 600dpi for only $79! While digging through our mountain of memorabilia, we've come up with thousands of non-digital shots. We're really considering doing this!

Lovely Handspun Yarn My friend Maya, a blogger from Springtree Road, started selling HANDSPUN yarn on Etsy. And OH MY it's so lovely. I've been salivating over every new pattern she creates and finally purchased some of her Red Delicious about 10 days ago. It's so soft and gushy. Mmmmm. I'll be starting on my fun crochet project in two weeks. YAY! If you knit or crochet, please check it out and pass on her info to any other friends who wanna get in on some of this yummy stuff! ETA: Guess what, I just looked again and Maya is doing a giveaway of one of her skeins of handspun yarn. So go to Maya's blog right now to find out how to win!!!!

A Robert Brault Reader ~ I'm very attached to this blog. My Sunday Citar on the 12th was a quote from this guy. Every time I think all the original quotes have been thought up, he posts again. Just lovely.

Tami wrote a beautiful post about taking loved ones for granted. I hope some of you get as much out of it as I did!

Power For Home Less than $200 for life-long utilities. What's the catch?!

Sneaky Momma Some amazing blog tips and helpful html guides for those who want to make their blog as useful, attractive, and especially user-friendly as possible.

Five Common Blogging Mistakes (that make you look dumb) 'Cause the title is just so funny (and TRUE). ETA: Yes, I do these, too. And I'd appreciate it if you'd gently let me know when you see something.

Wedding Entrance Dance Is it weird that I cried at the end of this thing? LOVE it!

Tampon Crafts I tried, but I honestly have nothing brilliant to say here.

Paying a Late Bill Because I've been there, I can laugh at this!

Income-Based Repayment Program ~ Have hefty student loan debt, but live on a very modest salary? Have your payments been stretched out over 35 years? This very new (like as of July 2009) program may be just the solution for you.

Brillante Weblog Award The blog award that's really not.

Blessings & Responsibility After contacting the foster system here in our area a time or two and getting absolutely no response whatsoever, this post really made us start looking at international adoption. We may technically be a low-income family in America, but we live like royalty compared to about 90% of the world. Now if we could only come up with the cash to get all the legal paperwork done. :big sigh:

Surprised there are no birth or breastfeeding links, today? Ah, the month's not over. :wink:

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15 ♥ thoughtful comments ♥:

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Hey, girl. Have a happy Friday.

Brittany said...

I thought No I won't cry at a silly wedding entrance. Okay it's seven in the morning and I am crying. Loved it! Just don't tell James.

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Nice! I did a lot of clicking through. :>) One thing I do is go back and leave a comment on the posts I link to . . . and frequently I get a few bloggers come back to say thanks and I hope they click around my blog a bit in the process.

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

@Boomer~ HAPPY FRIDAY! Love you!

@Brittany~ I know, right? I felt so silly...but after the whole thing and what happens at the end, I was just nearly sobbing. So sweet!

@Lenetta~ Oh, thanks for the reminder! I actually set this to auto post several days ago and so I guess now that it's posted I should go leave comments--at least on the ones that are blogs. :)

Sneaky Momma said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog and linking to it in your post. I really appreciate it! :)

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

@Sneaky~ Oh wow, Jill! Thanks for stopping by!! I just love your stuff! And I see you have a giveaway going on. YAY!

Becca said...

Thanks for linking my blog to yours - especially that particular post. Keep in touch and let me know what I can do to help you think through international adoption!

Peace and Hugs,

Mama Nut said...

Tampon crafts???? Okay.... :)

I will have to check out Sneaky Momma but I'm scared to check out the link about blogging errors that make you look dumb because I probably do a lot of them! :)

Herb of Grace said...

Oooo, thanks for all the juicy links :)

septembermom said...

The wedding entrance dance is great! Thanks for all these links. I enjoyed all the posts. This is great Shaye!

Anonymous said...

Wow! We are thinking about adopting in the future! A couple of my friends were foster parents that ended up adopting the kids they're fostering! Adorable kids!

Love ya,

Scott and Laura

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

@Becca~ I'm honored to have you swing by. Your post was such an eye-opener. Thank YOU!

@Mama Nut~ Yeah, it's just so random, right? Oh and on the blogging mistakes...I'm sure you'll find some of them on my site, too! But they're still funny...or maybe the blog post was just funny. I'm not sure. I'm too tired to remember at this point. LOL

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

@Herb~ Yeah, they're drippin' everywhere! :wink:

@septembermom (Kelly)~ I hope to do it every so often. I love seeing what Nettacow does each week and would love to see more of my friends do this every once in a while.

@Scott & Laura~ That's AWESOME! As you know, we've always wanted to foster...ever since A. Smith. We think it's so odd that the foster system hasn't responded. You'd think they'd be banging down our doors. But that post on international adoption just hit me so hard. We'll be thinking and praying about it.

sujata said...

our weekend just got over, its thursdays and fridays this part of the world. And not i have the PC to myself and your listed recommendtions to go through. Am happy as kid with a lot of books. Thanks a ton!!

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

@Sujata~ Heehee, well, bear in mind that a couple of them are just oddities or silly things that I point out for fun. Wow, I had no idea that Thursday/Friday was your weekend. I was just reading in a book on blogging that online things slow down drastically over the weekend. Hmmm, I wonder if they mean my weekend or yours. :grin:

Have a great day!

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