Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To Do Tuesday {2} AND
Tot Talk Tuesdays {6}

I’m a participant in two Tuesday memes. The first is To-Do Tuesdays with Lisa from Crazy Adventures in Parenting. Here's my starter list for this week (I'm sure you'll see some leftovers from last week):

Plastic over basement walls
Price sump pumps
Call C back to set up a meeting (1 hour)
Call picture studio about shipping portraits
Call new ped’s office in RC
Call oral surgeon
Contact T in HS and set up weekend meeting
Move CRAYOLA stuff to basement (there’s some history here)
Sort through two more boxes (mega bonus points if you do more)
Finish guest blog post for recipe (Thank you, Karen, for inviting me!)
Finish awards blog post
Decide on birthday plans
Get lost in bloggyland…daily, if you’re lucky! HA!

I’m also a continuing participant in Tot Talk Tuesdays started by Niecey of The Monkeys and Me.

I just want to note that we're now into the "Mommy can we please _________? It's okay with Daddy if it's okay with you" stage. And, unfortunately, we've both begun the "ask your mom" and "ask your dad" tactic, thereby only encouraging it. Anyone else fall into this habit??

The last couple months, our 5-year-old has been trying to switch from "can I" to "may I" when appropriate. In turn, it often turns into: "Mommy, can I may go ride my bicycle?" or today "Mommy, can you may please get me some more?"

Also, this week we were complimenting our 3-year-old on something he did all by himself. He looked all serious and said, with enthusiastic voice inflection, "Yeah, I'm drowing [growing] up!"

Remember, if you want to join in on either of these memes, just click each image above to be taken to the main page for each one. Have fun!!

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9 ♥ thoughtful comments ♥:

Herb of Grace said...

oh my goodness, yes! the "it's okay with Daaaday" stage. Blech. I hope it's just a stage, anyways....

Niecey said...

Oh yes, we go through that too! And we do fall into the trap of "go ask your daddy'. What it really means, at least in my case is; I don't want to take responsibility for this if it goes wrong. If Dad says yes, then it ends in tears, I can get mad at him and pretend it wasn't my fault.
Yes, yes, I am ashamed of myself.

I love the may I thing. cute. At least they're trying.

septembermom said...

Good luck with the Daddy said to check with you phase! It can get tricky :) I love the "drowing up" one! So cute. You've got a busy to-do list. I should try that meme too!

shopannies said...

looks like you have alot to do

Kathie said...

Caleb definitely tries to ask the parent who is most likely to say yes. But I have a tip--instead of saying "Go ask Mom/Dad" we usually say "What did Mommy/Daddy say?" because often he's already asked and gotten a no. We definitely don't want to say yes to something the other parent has just said no to!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Yes, I remember that stage. You were THE BEST at it......

Herb of Grace said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment earlier :)

sujata said...

That list is surely long..all the best!!be real proud and eat lots of junk food if you finish that list..you certainly deserve it!! And as for the "ask daddy"..I do it regularly..cant help it..and the kids know by now that the meaning of that is "NO, you cant do whatever it is you are asking for" The dad doesnt do anything like this..he just takes responsibility and says NO or yes..lucky me I guess!!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

You did WONDERFULLY!!! :) Way to go! Ready for another week?? :)

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