Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rummage Sales

We've been having an exciting summer. Not only have we been through some fun mini-vacations, some messy fun in the water, and some wonderful house reorganization, but we've also replaced our kitchen faucet (which was leaking all over the kitchen counter), had a demolished garden (eaten by rodents) that we've replanted, and finally we replaced our dishwasher just this week (which hasn't been working for months, but our budget wasn't ready for a new one). I would apologize for not posting, but how silly is that?

Now, on to the post at hand: Rummage Sales. We have a few regular rummage sales in our area that my family visits at least monthly. Most clothing is .25 a piece and they carry all sorts of other knickknacks ranging from picture frames to books to small furniture. We almost always go just for kid's clothing, but this weekend was different. This weekend I got a few unexpected "mommy" things. Just L@@KY HERE!

Cool plant stand! I'll be using these stands for my indoor herb garden where I've already planted cilantro, rosemary, thyme, basil, chamomile, lavender, oregano, parsley, etc.

($2 each side)

Box FULL of new fabric! If you remember, I started making cloth shopping bags and have continued doing so when I have more time and fabric.

($1 for the whole box with 19 fabric patterns)

And my favorite...a gorgeous set of MILK GLASS dessert plates and tea/coffee mugs in MINT condition! This set is an especially excellent find for me because it matches the set of milk glass that was passed down to me through my family. Check out the tall glass and dinner plate set I already owned compared to the small tea cups and dessert plates. Another shot was at the very beginning of this post that showed the combined set. We discovered a couple years ago that my mother-in-law has a cup/pitcher milk glass set that is identical, as well. No kidding!

($3.50 for whole set--10 cups and 8 plates--no joke!)

Ah how I love rummage shopping! Have you found any special rummage or garage sale deals recently?

6 ♥ thoughtful comments ♥:

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

Do you have any idea how amazing that is?! Milk glass! Just beautiful and a terrific collectible.

Niecey said...

I've never even heard of milk glass. It looks pretty though. Nice bargains. We love doing yard sales, and I'm keen to get into auctions.

I liked the blogging without obligation thing. I'm constantly reading blog posts which start with "sorry for not blogging for so long...." and most of the time I hadn't even noticed. I have way too many on my google reader anyway!

Ms Perfect said...

Good finds! I haven't been lately, but its on the to do list!

Ronna said...

I love the plant stand :) I have packets of herbs and I plan on starting an indoor herb garden...Soon!! I should do that this week as well as get the garlic bulbs in teh ground that a lady form church gave me...
We had a great day hitting all the local garage sales after seeing you! The most fun was getting a nice desk for Sierra's bedroom for only $10 ( I love bargins!) from a former MOPS mom actually that I hadn't seen in years :) SO Fun!!

Chell said...

I have banned myself from those treasure troves. I keep coming home with more stuff then I need, or havve room for. I am in the process of declutterign and have take a HUGE load fo stuff to good will and have another load almost ready to go.

Momma Miller said...

@Mimi~I totally know. I usually don't buy any of the junk, but this week I was totally shocked.

@Niecey~I started collecting milk glass I guess about a decade ago. I love that it is white so it goes with anything--any table cloth, any napkins, etc. Just lovely!

@MsPerfect~Yeah, we used to go to Goodwill and other places like that all the time. Up here there's not a whole lot of rummage-type things. So when it's open, ya gotta go!

@Ronna~YAY on your herb garden. I've planted 12 pots worth and the green has just beginning to flourish. Very exciting!

Okay, we're gonna have to start hanging out more often. First, I'd love to know where to get garlic. When we did all our plants I couldn't find garlic anywhere. I would LOVE to grow some. And second, what a BLESSING on finding an elementary-sized desk here in Chadron! I've been advertising on swapshop for the last few weeks that we are needing a desk for Brayla. She'll be homeschooling starting this fall and we've found nothing worthy of our money. The Walmart ones are like $100 and not all that great. So you've given me hope...we'll keep looking.

@Chell~ YAY on decluttering! As you've seen on our blog this last year, we've been working on decluttering, too. Now we only buy stuff at rummage sales that we actually use. We used to come home with bags useless knickknacks. Just more mess to clean!!

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