Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesdays {2}

This week I'm participating in the new weekly meme started by Niecey at The Monkeys and Me. To join in, just click the image above and follow the rules.

I have just a couple cute quotes to share today. First, this week I asked my 3-year-old son to do something and he responded with:

"Yes, your highness!"

I laughed. out. loud! But I have to explain that they watched Tale of Despereaux this week where this phrase is said to the princess. I have to also mention that I read this book way back when it first came out and LOVED it! And believe it or not, I didn't know that's how you even spelled that word (highness) until I looked it up today.

Another quote I'll share from this week is from my 5-year-old daughter. With hubby off work for the summer, we're using every minute to do projects we've been dreaming of for years. This week we pulled everything out of storage (basement, garage, storage shed, and three large closets) and started sorting, organizing, and throwing away -- box by box. So last night our dining room is piled high with boxes and we're driving around town just to have a break from the mess. Hubs announces that we're going to pick something up to eat for tonight.

WHAT?!?!?! They yelp.

"Yes, we're going to pick up fast food "junk food" just for tonight," Daddy says.

Our 5-year-old gasps and announces while blinking a few times, "I don't BELIEVE it! I must be DREAMING!!!!"

What a funny girl! Let's just say that some of the documentaries we've been watching have changed our family eating habits tremendously. LOL

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11 ♥ thoughtful comments ♥:

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Oh...and we mustn't forget when my (then) 9-year old said with great embarrassment when we pulled up in front of a bank: "Ummmm....isn't that embarrassing?"

"What?" said her mom.

"Suppository. Right there on the bank wall."

"Er...that's DEPOSITORY, honey."

By the way, I'm ALMOST ready to make my blog public again. A bit more tweaking, and we're off and running.

I love you.
♥Boomer♥ (also known as your mama)
Word Verification (make note of this): NOTED

Dr. Wifey said...

LOL kids are so funny! that first saying is something my dad used to say to my sister and me when we would ask him to do something. ex. "Dad, would you get me some water." "yes, your highness." LOL

Herb of Grace said...

We love Desperaux, too!

Little drama queen in the making there :)

Deb said...

Kids certainly will say the darndest things! Too cute! Thanks for sharing.

septembermom said...

Love, love the "Yes, your Highness". I think I could get used to hearing that around my house. Very cute post!

sujata said...

Just loved the quotes!! Your Highness coming from the 3 yr old must have been so cute, and I must be dreaming with the blinks..well well well just shows the healthy food you serve her everyday!!

Amy @ Six Flower Mom said...

Love these! I like this meme too ... I just need a way to remember from the moment to the computer!!! A magical day to you!

Kathie said...

Okay, that is too cute. Knowing my son, he'd watch Aladdin and instead of calling me highness, he'd say "Yes, your royal rottenness!" :-P

Ms Perfect said...

"Yes your highness" lol That's good stuff. :0)S'mores were great. We ran out of chocolate so no more and I'll keep it that way for awhile since I'm addicted and can't say no. hahahaha

Niecey said...

Have you heard of food inc?
I can't wait to see it.

I love the "your highness" thing. I keep trying to train my husband to respond like that but it's not working so far...

Shaye said...

@Boomer~ OH hush! :wink:

@Dr. Wifey~ How cute!

@Herb of Grace~ I think you're right. Drama Queen...but oh so cute!

@Deb~ Yes ma'am, they sure do! Hilarious!

@septembermom~ I think I can, too!!! :)

@sujata~ We've really been working on the healthy eating thing. Not just non-fast food, but more healthy non-packaged foods. I think it's really sinking in to our children, too.

@Amy~ Yeah, I gotta keep writing them down ASAP.

@Kathie~ Oh how funny! You'd better document that if it happens, too! Heehee!

@Ms. Perfect~ Yeah, there's something good about having the ingredients running out. :)

@Niecey~ YES! I can't wait for our copy to come in. We've had it in our queue for a while, now. If I'm not mistaken, the guy who engineered that movie was also part of making King Corn. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

LOL @ your hubby. :)


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