Thursday, December 4, 2008

Aurora's Birth

I've waited five months for this story. Five LOOOONG months. If you remember, I gave you a very short glimpse into the tidbits of this birth back in June. Today I am delighted to share my friend's full birth story with you.

I usually include quotes of the links I give in my blog, but this story really speaks for itself. Laureen was instrumental in helping me find the courage to demand the birth we wanted this year (despite what our care providers told us about my previous cesareans). There's power and authority in her every word. She's such a gifted writer across several fields of study. She convicts, ignites, and summons truth hiding in small, dark places. I just knew her own story would be well worth the wait.

The link:

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bfs said...

I'm both sad and thankful that I cannot understand what it must feel like for you and others to have gone through unnecessary c-sections -- and then get to have VBAC.

From what you have said, it was 'unfulfillment' -- being cheated. But I'm so happy for your friend here, and for you, that you now know how to roar like a lion and give birth the way you did, on your knees, and before the throne of God.

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