Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy 8 Months Brighton Lee

These are all shots of Brighton during his 7th month. You can click on the collage to see it much larger. I try to do this every month, but this year his monthly birthday fell on Thanksgiving Day (which happened to be a bit busy). So I'm a little late.

Let's see...this month Brighton really began moving. Pretty much the day he turned 7 months he grabbed the coffee table, pulled his almost 21 lb. self up unassisted, and began cruising. This was surprising only because we had never seen him even attempt to do this before. He also began climbing on the stairs, talking even more, puckering up and actually KISSING, hitting his bottom when he's wet (I'm not kidding), and sleeping LESS at night (I don't get that, do you?). He now has THREE teeth and his hair is just long enough in the back to see that he will have the little curly lockets like big brother and sister. He's still eating only breast milk, but I caught big sister giving him a taste of her candy cane last week. Oh no!

Brighton still loves to be held. We've moved from the Maya sling to the Ergo back carrier which makes it much easier to work around the house with him in tow. He loves it--I just have to keep my hair in a bun (or else I'll have none). As you can see, he has a gorgeous grin on his face about 90% of the time and he often twists and turns his tongue around since he can't seem to help but show it to us all day long.

Brighton will entertain anyone I pass him off to. Still such a joyful babe.

We are blessed.

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bfs said...

Oh, so beautiful. I'll zoom in on the collage ... but just reading the sweet description of the little guy makes me pace faster, waiting for you to get here!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family you have Shaye! You must be such a proud mama :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your comment. I'm enjoying reading your posts and getting to know you through your blog!

Anne @ The City Sage

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