Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot Summer Days
Cool Rainy Nights

Just wanted to share more Miller summer pictures. The kids all love going swimming--even Brighton. We've been going pretty regularly. It's a very nice way to cool off on these near 100 degree days. The funny thing is that usually right after we get back home, we have a thunderstorm of some sort. They're often short downpours, but provide just enough clouds and wetness to cool things down before bedtime. It's also kept our beautiful green grass in the front yard nice and lush. On this particular day we came home around 5:15 and about 15 minutes later, an unexpected hail storm swept through. I shot the video below from one of our back windows. By the way, you can see that the green weed killer Lee made is working back there--LOL!

The rest of the pictures from this day can be found in our Picasa account HERE (including BJ's new antique school desk given to her by our local video store manager). ENJOY! Oh, and pix from LAST year's hail storm are HERE.

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Shay said...

15 miles away and we didn't get the hail, but it sprinkled on us. Enough to get everything a little muddy. Cute picture of you and Brighton looking at eachother. You're such a GREAT MOM!

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