Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Google Powers My World!

A large number of online tools I work with each day are brought to me by Google. From googling to YouTube to Blogger to Gmail to Picasa to Google Scholar to Calendar, Docs, Maps, Reader...and on and on. I won't go through the entire LIST of what's available through Google or what is currently being worked on in Google Labs, but there's like 50+ tools they've developed and I've probably used 20 different ones in the last few weeks and at least 5-10 per day. Seriously.

Life before Google wasn't nearly the same.

If you use Google for anything, what's your favorite Google tool?

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Shay said...

I'm not so much a googler but a yahooer. I guess I'll be flying over and looking at what you're talking about.

Internet, what we did without it huh!?

shaye said...

I used to be a total yahoo-er back in the day (yahoo mail, 360, mail lists, auctions--before they were cancelled, etc.). I still sometimes glance at their main screen to see what all has changed.

When I did my graduate work in library and information studies, I was convinced to make the major switch to Google for more relevant searches and options. It took a couple weeks to adjust, but I feel it was worth it considering my field of work. Years back, Google developed algorithms to rank web pages by link popularity so that searches are not only fast, but usually yielding more useful results. I like that tremendously because, more often than not, I get what I'm looking for more quickly. Of course, like everything else in life, it's not foolproof. Popular doesn't ALWAYS equal correct. ;)

Google also has core company philosophies like: "Focus on the user and all else will follow," "The need for information crosses all borders," "You can be serious without wearing a suit" and "Great just isn't good enough." Gotta love that—“Google Labs” has proven their usefulness. And I, as the user, am occasionally asked for my feedback on current tools and ideas for new tools.

Then, of course, I fell in love with all of the other Google programs/tools like Blogger (anyone with a blogspot addy is using a Google blog). And I can basically sign in once and be logged into everything at once.

I was just reading last month about the new technology that Google is providing for Yahoo. Never thought I'd see the day that Yahoo publicly got help from Google.

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