Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fur Trade Days 2008 Parade

This year's Fur Trade Parade was, once again, a winner for the residents of Chadron. This is a huge event that brings in thousands of tourists from far and wide. There are booths set up all over, some times a carnival, lawn mower races, etc. It truly is a weekend LONG event. This year, the parade lasted well over an hour. The float people passed out candy, popsicles, beaded necklaces, frisbees, and even water bottles. And some floats threw water balloons and shot water guns at us! It was a fun day for all. See some pix below:

As always, you can find these pictures in full resolution for a limited time HERE.

I also shot these four very short videos, below. The first is of the mega-fast lawn mowers. If you've never seen lawn mower races, check this video out to see the kind of mowers they use! This clip is 30 seconds long.

Ever seen a really fast lawn mover do a pop wheelie? Check this one out! It's 10 seconds long.

Check out the adorable tiny cars. We thought these were kids from a distance. LOL! This clip is 13 seconds long.

And finally, the little marching band that played:

After the parade we had a relaxing afternoon and then headed over to Matt's and Brenda's for a cookout with a bunch of other friends. It was a very fun weekend!

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