Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November in Black & White

Some of you may be wondering why I'm doing pictures in black & white this month. So I'll tell ya. One of the blogs I enjoy reading is Springtree Road. Maya has challenged her readers to flip our cameras to black and white for the month of November. We're encouraged to actually take the picture IN black and white (and not change a color photo into black and white using a photo editor). Hence, all my black and white photos.

Let me say that taking pictures in black and white is not anything like I expected. It's like seeing everything anew. There are exciting treasures lurking around every corner. I hardly have a chance to put my camera away before seeing something else that needs to be captured in black and white. It's almost intoxicating.

When I was a very young child, my father was a photojournalist. I remember sitting and looking through photo albums and finding, sandwiched between family photos, all of these shots of flowers, trees, mountains and other totally "unimportant" things. In my childlike mind I would think: What a waste of film. But I think I'm slowly beginning to understand the delight found in capturing a single moment. Maybe your image will even capture the smells, sounds, temperature and emotions of the moment. You never know. But I can say that after I take a few fun shots, I can't wait to run back to my computer, download my new colorless images, and take it all in. It's fun and exciting.

My new (used) Easyshare Z740 camera has the option to add different lenses like wide angle, etc. (if you can afford to buy them). Right now I just have the regular point n' shoot lens which comes with a rockin' 10X optical zoom. For $58 on ebay, I'm not complaining at all. But after our traveling holidays are over, I'll look into saving up and seeing if I can pick up a lens or two off ebay and seriously figure out more of what I'm doing.

Here's a little bit of our first week of November in black & white:

To see all our images, go here: OR you can see all 31 images in a smaller format:

7 ♥ thoughtful comments ♥:

bfs said...

I love the b/w shots!!! And what's in them! :-)

Anonymous said...

such sweet photos. i think my favorite is the one of mama's shoes! and the first one - i could use that as a really cool texture and overlay it on another photo in photoshop, i bet.

Liss said...

Hi, found you though springtree road. I love the water on the window pain, it makes for a fantastic black and white. Your kids on the swing is also a cute photo.

beckyw said...

LOVE IT! I am inpsired! Let's see, can I do it too??????

Momma Miller said...

Yes ma'am. Go, go, springtreeroad. I'll be checking in to see your masterpieces, too! :)

bfs said...

I love the happy, smiling baby! I think b/w really captures more 'personality' to speak.

Sheri said...

Absolutely amazing!!! I'm impressed!!

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