Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Snow

We had our very first snow of the season this last week. Scripture tells us there is a season for everything under Heaven. Life would certainly be boring if things were always the same. This snow was a welcomed event after a long, hot summer and a mild 70 to 80-degreed September and October. The soft blanket of white baptized our home in gorgeous refresh.

With our first snow comes our yearly tradition of preparing for some seriously fun indoor events to keep us from going stir-crazy this winter--starting with the coffee table to cushion jump. I love these first captured images:

We've also begun working on some major indoor cabins for holding secret meetings and reading adventurous books:

And, of course, we brought in some of our outdoor play toys (which apparently needed fixing):

Then there's always fun winter baking which has already commenced. Our neighbor gave us an Amish bread starter and it has continued to multiply crazily. Lee has experimented with whole wheat and even oatmeal. Maybe some of you will have a taste the next time you come to visit:

I snapped some lovely black & white images of the snow that I hope to get uploaded soon.

Other important matters of business:
1) Lee's father suffered a heart attack this week. He had a surgery immediately and apparently has more planned in the coming weeks. Last I heard, he was in ICU and waiting to find out when he could come home. We've been anxiously waiting by the phone for updates. It's so hard to be so far away from family. Please pray for a speedy recovery.
2) I just had a tooth removed yesterday. It was supposed to be a normal extraction, but it turned surgical in the middle. Unfortunately they couldn't get the roots of the tooth out so they were left behind. Please pray that this doesn't cause any problems or future surgeries. Ick!
3) My new laptop died last week. It was an unexpected event and I'm hopeful to be able to recover all of the images and video that was stored. We've shipped off the laptop to the company and hope to have it back within a couple weeks. Until then I'm sorta hit or miss.

Hope all is well your way. What are you all doing to prepare for winter?

3 ♥ thoughtful comments ♥:

bfs said...

LOVE the thought of indoor tents and reading by a flashlight!!!

DO NOT love the idea of jumping from coffee table to couch. Guess that's 'cause I'm old and just had knee surgery and am terrified of babies breaking their teeth or splitting lips! :-)

Loved all the pictures on your blog today!!! And yes -- your comments posted to my blog! :-)

Shay said...


Zie Zie said...

Shaye, you are such a beautiful and FUN mother! Coffee table to cushion jump--makes me want to throw on some pj's and wrestle with those cute little kids. Miss you all!

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