Friday, October 17, 2008

Can't We All Just Get Along???

I abhor election time. It is one of the most static-charged events in our country, no doubt. But boiled down, it's usually just your basic childish playground name calling time. The whole "party" lines reminds me too much of fraternity/sorority times in college where we did the stupidest stuff just to say we belong to some group (that's surely better than just being ourselves, right?). And yet every group was doing the same thing. Is it just me or doesn't it seem that lately our political parties are the same song, just different verses? Why can't we sing it together?

The funny thing that most of you may not know is that if I were to group all my friends, family, and other dear acquaintances/colleagues together, about half are Democrat and about half are Republican. So you can probably imagine what my email inbox and shared news articles look like. I get the smears from both sides and it's not all that surprising that much of what I read is so twisted, biased, petty and misinterpreted that there's hardly a thread of reliable truth left.

I seriously have NO idea of the origin of the above photo. It's one of those funny photoshopped things passed around to millions of people via email. But it was seriously what I needed this week--a joyful reminder that this political hubbub boils down to people. Whether our leaders are fat, skinny, young, old, dark, light, male, female, democrat, or republican--they're just regular people, nothing more. Put too much faith in any one of 'em and you'll be sorely disappointed.

I've remained fairly quiet during this election process for many reasons. I suppose it has been a very personal process for me. So tonight I'm glad to finally be sharing my first public piece of NEWS on this election with all of my readers. The article was good, but the actual video is priceless.

This is what it's all about, folks. Try to smile. Those worry lines ain't gettin' ya anywhere.

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bfsandefur said...

A nice blog today and well said. Oh, be sure and visit mine! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great video, Scott and I watched it. Watching the Longhorns. Can't wait until Nov 4th so all of this can be over with!

Laura and Scott

Cate said...

Good post! I also had a breath of fresh air when I watched this video. The lightheartedness is definitely needed, especially as the campaigning gets uglier.
I am a rabidly political woman, and I don't keep quiet about my beliefs. (Actually, I don't keep quiet about many topics...sheesh!) I will say that I don't send out those exhausting e-mails. I listen to NPR religiously and have studied both campaigns' policy agendas seriously.
We just cannot make "informed" decisions if we don't inform ourselves!
Love the pic. Definitely needed that laugh!

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