Monday, March 29, 2010

Giveaway WINNERS!!

First, I wanted to thank everyone for playing along. I was so delighted to see this mentioned all over Facebook, too. You all are I just wish I had a whole bunch of these to give out to every one of you!! *IF* you didn't win and you're still interested in seeing this flick, Netflix still has it available for instant view on your computer. If you've never used Netflix before, they usually have a free trial membership for two weeks if you just want to see this one movie.

Okay, onto business. I'm sorry this is so late. All things Google have been acting up, including blogger and picasa. Ugh. So if you can see the images below, maybe things are finally starting to work again.

And the winners are... (via my HBA2C baby's dirty little fingers)


I'll run over and email you both through disqus in case you aren't checking back today. Just send me your mailing address via email (teachertools at gmail dot com) and I'll get these off by the 31st. If I don't hear back by noon on the 31st, I'll draw again.

Thanks again to everyone. This was FUN!!

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