Friday, April 24, 2009

Nebraska: Home of Arbor Day

My daughter has become the queen of planting and growing things. I mean to say, she grows things you wouldn't imagine would grow well. For example, she popped an apple seed (of an apple she was eating) into one of my old pots of dirt recently and the picture above is the result of that experiment. She started growing another one just last week--the new green stem broke through the soil a few days back. Amazing! She must have inherited the ability from my youngest brother, Sean. He once threw a bowl of popcorn seed out in our front yard and those little crispy seeds grew a patch of cornstalks. Mind you, these were seeds that had already been in boiling hot oil for several minutes. Yet, they refused to pop. So...out they went. No one knew they had bigger and better plans. Poor underestimated little corn seeds. :sniff, sniff:

So anyway...the last Friday in April, TODAY, is known as the official National Arbor Day.

A few tibits about this day:

  • *J. Sterling Morton loved planting trees and he proposed Arbor Day right here in NEBRASKA in 1872 (which is why Nebraska is known as the "home of Arbor Day").
  • *The day was officially established by the state governor in 1874.
  • *April 22nd, which was Morton's birthday, was originally selected as the observance day (though today it's seen as the last Friday in April).
  • *States often celebrate the day at a time that is most convenient for planting trees in that region.
  • *For more information about the history, ways to get trees, or ways to celebrate, please visit the arbor day website HERE.

"Each generation takes the earth as trustees." -J. Sterling Morton

4 ♥ thoughtful comments ♥:

Niecey said...

I didn't know that, about Arbor day. very interesting.
My daughter has the same luck with growing things! I wish I had it. I have a similar photo that I'm planning to blog soon.

Karen Brown Letarte said...

I always thought arbor day was such a great, green idea! Your daughter definitely seems to have inherited your brother's green thumb! :) K

Amanda said...

That's great! We each planted seeds (and wishes) on the Spring Equinox, and K's beat the heck out of ours! Maybe I'll throw up a couple pics this weekend. Love the Arbor Day post! I love Arbor Day (though we rent, so we just planted snap dragons today).

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said... brought back a neat memory, Shannon! I love that little life breaking through the soil, too, and the little hands that planted it, and the big God Who made it grow......

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