Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ♥ My First

Brayla, the artist.

4 ♥ thoughtful comments ♥:

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

Of course, she is beautiful; your photos are amazing; her art will sell for millions and allow you a very comfortable living through these horrid economic times.

On top of that, artists will come from miles and miles away and ask you if they can paint a portrait of her painting her million-dollar painting. They will ask you how much you would charge.

I will stand on the sidelines, thinking again of how marvelous I was to have had you as my daughter, and her as my very talented granddaughter.

Zie Zie said...

She is so beautiful! Awesome profile pics! She looks so much like her Momma!

Shay said...

Of course I LOVE the picture. Everyday you add to your talent along with Brayla!

Can I steal your wordless wednesday? I absolutely love it and me being wordless would SHOCK everyone :) I LOVE IT and hope you are able to do it more often!

Momma Miller said...

Mimi~ I'm so excited about the comfortable living coming very soon. Woohoo! ;)

Zie Zie~ Thanks, doll! It really is scary to have your own cookie cutter image!

Shay~ Thank you so much. I have so little time to blog these days with my full graduate load and three kids running around my feet all day. I also just agreed to take on teaching two more college classes this spring. WHAT was I thinking? Maybe I'll blog about that next. LOL

On "Wordless Wednesday" I stole the title from someone else and they stole it from someone else and they stole it... ;) It goes along with the "Thankful Thursdays" and all of the other cutsie day-of-the-week blog titles that are running around cyberspace. I just love entries that say it all with photographs.

Okay, so like, I just wrote a forever long response message in my own comments section. Is that allowed? ;) Guess I'm just missing all my girls these days. When times get this busy, I sure am glad to have your friendship in the blogosphere! <3

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