Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Birthday to Dana!!!!

Yep, today is my grandfather's birthday--Raymon Dawkin Fullerton, Jr. Would you believe that he's 86 years old, just married a hip young chick that he's madly in love with (after having lost his love of almost 60 years), and he substituted all day today!? That's my Dana and he's like the Energizer bunny, I tell ya! I'm just so proud of him. He loves his family immensely and, more importantly, he's dedicated his entire life to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ both as a missionary here in the states and overseas in Sidney, Australia. And oh the stories he can tell about all of his world travels and the amazing encounters he's had. I just love that my 3-year-old daughter is already crazy about the man, her great grandfather. Lately he's the FIRST one she prays for at night, which cracks us up!

Anyway, happy birthday, Dana. We love you longer and longer...

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