Friday, March 30, 2007

Surprise Snowday!

Today we had a surprise snow. Mind you, we've had temps up in the 80s. Then overnight we got a surprising 7 inches of snow!!!!

Last week we bought some cute children-sized snow scoopers on clearance (we love it when Walmart thinks winter is over) so the kids had fun scooping snow with mommy today. We also got to build our very first snowman since moving to Nebraska. We've tried before but the snow was too dry and cold to stick together. Since the temps got well above freezing, it was perfect for building a snowman. We got out a small carrot and had fun using Brandon's old snow attire (hat and gloves). People were driving by smiling and honking--it was so neat to see our neighbors appreciating our hard work. And the kids were so adorable out there playing, scooping, and building the snowman.

Sadly, our snowman didn't even last a full day. By sundown we found his head (and carrot nose) laying on the ground and we got the gloves off his arms just before they fell to the ground. Oh was fun while it lasted and, as the song says, Frostie will be back again some day. We took plenty of pictures to commemorate the day.

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