Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Massive Blizzard

Today didn't go at all as planned, but that's not so unusual. We had planned to head to Texas around 5am on Wednesday but on Tuesday around noon we received word that a massive blizzard was heading to Chadron and would make traveling impossible for 2-3 days. Unfortunately we already had our hotel paid for and since family had already taken off work to be with us we figured it was probably best to hit the road. We packed everything for a two week trip in about 90 minutes and hit the road. It seems this type of thing happens to us often--the having to pack in a moment's notice. So I guess it's good that we're learning how to do it.

On another note, just wanted to mention that we are FPU (Financial Peace University) graduates. We had our final class last night and, WOW, tears were flowing. It was such a beautiful final class and truly tied the entire 13 weeks together in the most lovely way. I cannot say enough about this class. Since it's free (other than the initial book purchase) I truly hope everyone will take advantage of it. Enter your zipcode here >> to find a class near you.

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